U.K.ABROAD Authentication

U.K.ABROAD is an online, legitimate British document services company that assists applicants worldwide who are living in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe, operating independently since 2008.

U.K.ABROAD has many years of experience in the industry. We offer leading advice, assistance, solutions and ongoing support. Our service excellence speaks for itself with ongoing testimonials.

  • We tell you how to do the digital photos – unfortunately photos get rejected very easily if not done correctly, due to specific requirements
  • We check everything on emails and scans before we finalize your application
  • When your application is finalized, we arrange for your documents to be collected/picked up directly from you and shipped directly to the relevant government office in the United Kingdom. We use reliable courier companies since 2008
  • We follow up on your application until your passport/certificate is printed and ready to be shipped to you
  • Delivery of your new passport/certificate directly to you, the applicant
  • Fees paid are all inclusive – including all government fees, secure shipment of documents to the United Kingdom, secure delivery of the new passport/certificate via DHL International, ongoing telephonic/email consultant support until delivery of your new passport or certificate
  • For your security, we never receive or request any original documents/passports (as a third party) from any applicants
  • All correspondence is via email interaction and scans, this way there will be a written record of your transaction/s history in place, for your convenience

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